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Human Rights in Trauma Mental Health Lab

Exterior courtyard view of Tuol Sleng genocide museum
Interdisciplinary Engagement

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About the Lab

The Human Rights in Trauma Mental Health Laboratory is an interdisciplinary collaboration between the Handa Center, Stanford Law School faculty, and Stanford’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.

The Lab is committed to advancing and applying research on the physical and psychiatric impact of trauma on survivors of human rights abuses with an eye towards informing transitional justice and judicial processes. The Lab focuses on the science of the psychological changes and mental health pathology caused by trauma on individuals, their families, and their communities, over time and between generations. Lab affiliates analyze and build upon the rich data available in the interdisciplinary scientific literature and developed in specific conflict situations to clearly identify the impact on human psychology of various forms of mass trauma, including genocide, mass killings, rape, and torture. This analysis is used to clarify the science and/or advocate for the survivors’ human rights and mental health in a whole range of settings, including criminal trials, civil suits for money damages, and asylum proceedings. The Lab participates in these transitional justice processes in a range of ways, including by providing expert testimony and reports and consulting with the legal teams prosecuting perpetrators or representing victims.

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Program Areas

Daryn Reicherter testifying at ICC

Expert Reports

Arial Shot of Pelican bay prison

Research Consultations