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Adam Kochanski

Adam Kochanski

Research Fellow
Handa Affiliation(s): 

Adam Kochanski holds an SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship, and is currently at the Handa Center as a Research Fellow. He specializes in international relations with a focus on transitional justice, peacebuilding and the role of norms in world politics.

Adam recently completed his Ph.D. in political studies at the University of Ottawa in Canada. His dissertation examined the influence of domestic politics and asymmetric power relations on local transitional justice processes in Cambodia and Mozambique. This research was supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the International Development Research Centre.

His SSHRC-funded postdoctoral research at Stanford, titled Justice Without Borders: Normative Change in the Age of Human Rights Accountabilit, explores whether and how regional norms challenge global ideas about transitional justice in Southeast Asia. In particular, the project considers the agency of domestic political elites as “norm resistors” and assesses the impact of such contestation on accountability efforts in the region.