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Human-Centered AI: Building Trust, Democracy and Human Rights by Design

June 11, 2018 - 11:00am to 6:00pm
Stanford University

Please note this event is by invitation only. If you wish to be invited to attend, please click this link.

The Handa Center is excited to be an event partner with the Center for Democracy Development and the Rule of Law (CDDRL) for this event, hosted by Stanford GDPi & XPRIZE, for a series of cross-sector conversations aimed at developing policy, product and action plans to build trust, democracy and human rights by design in artificial intelligence.

Learn about the event program and speakers here.

Why Human-Centered AI? 

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are game-changing technologies that have the potential to bring enormous benefit to society and enable citizens to tackle many of the world’s greatest challenges. With the right incentives, protections, and leadership, AI and ML have the potential to alleviate suffering by accelerating innovation across sectors such as climate change, criminal justice, poverty, governance, and public health. 

The AI XPRIZE is a $5 million AI and cognitive computing competition challenging teams globally to develop and demonstrate how humans can collaborate with powerful AI technologies to tackle the world’s grand challenges. This prize will focus on creating advanced and scalable applications that benefit consumers and businesses across a multitude of disciplines. The solutions will contribute to the enrichment of available tools and data sets for the usage of innovators everywhere. The goal is also to accelerate the understanding and adoption of AI’s most promising breakthroughs.

The Global Digital Policy Incubator at Stanford’s Center for Democracy Development and the Rule of Law is a program designed to inspire policy and governance innovations that reinforce democratic values, universal human rights, and the rule of law in the digital realm. Its purpose is to serve as a collaboration hub for the development of norms, guidelines, and laws that enhance freedom, security, and trust in the global digital ecosystem. The aim is not only to reinforce existing frameworks of international human rights law and international humanitarian law but also to lead in articulation of how to apply these norms and values in a global digital context. GDPi’s goal is to facilitate the development of operational policies and processes that meet the societal challenges that arise from digitization and technological innovation.

By sponsoring this event, XPRIZE and GDPi hope to convene leaders in the field of AI, ML, academia, the private sector, and government in order to explore practical solutions that emphasize human rights by design in the field of AI and ML.